Ski Property Report 2024


The Ski Property Report 2024 is now online! Discover the essential guide to the real estate market in key ski destinations.

Key Trends:

  • Ski resort listings in the French Alps have decreased by an average of 56% compared to pre-pandemic levels. This decline is accompanied by strong demand.
  • Mortgage costs are impacting lower price ranges, prompting property owners to stay rather than face rising loan expenses.
  • Owners of higher-value properties are reluctant to part with their alpine residences due to limited alternatives and lifestyle benefits.
  • Ski resorts are facing challenges such as climate change, the need for infrastructure modernization, and strict urban planning regulations.
  • Buyers are coming from farther away (Asia and the Middle East) and southern Europe, while some second homes are turning north due to recent heatwaves.

Key Findings:

  • Limited supply: Listings are down 56% on average in three key Alpine resorts compared to pre-pandemic levels.
  • Upsurge in premium prices: Premium prices continue to rise, with an average annual growth of 4.4% in the 24 tracked ski resorts, with Swiss resorts leading this year.
  • Variety of resorts: Buyer motivations vary, with an increasingly distinct divide between those targeting ski-specific resorts and those open year-round.
  • Resilient resorts: 72% of buyers state that a ski resort’s resilience influences their purchasing decision.
  • Cash buyers: Cash buyers represent 70% of alpine purchases over 1.5 million euros, thereby limiting the impact of higher mortgage costs on lower price ranges.

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